Integrating with Cint’s platform provides a complete, efficient technology solution that instantly saves researchers time and money



One of the world’s largest technology companies needed a fast and simple way to reach diverse global audiences, conduct research projects and uncover insights. Understanding consumer needs helps the company successfully develop, launch and maintain products, and continually optimize its consumer and business services.

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Because market research is a central part of making product and business decisions at the company, its researchers want to run studies quickly and efficiently.

However, when research participants were needed for surveys, teams struggled to:

  • Find the type of audiences needed;
  • Recruit the required number of representative respondents;
  • Obtain the correct legal consent to comply with strict data privacy standards; and
  • Reconcile project costs after they were completed with the relevant internal business units.

Researchers often had to wait for a long time to complete projects, sometimes even struggling for over a month to obtain 20 individuals for a simple survey. This did not work for the company's fast-paced environment.

With a corporate mission of organizing the world's information and making it universally accessible and useful, the company needed a practical way to extend this mission to its internal insights strategy.


The Cint Solution


An in-house team of engineers and user interface (UI) experts were tasked with finding a new way for researchers to get faster insights. The team developed an internal tool to allow its researchers across the business to easily: manage survey logic, consent and screeners; connect with millions of global audiences on-demand; and complete research projects in hours – all within a single, easy-to-use interface. This allows researchers to worry about the questions they want to ask, and nothing else.

The new tool was integrated with the Cint platform’s Insight Exchange, the world’s largest consumer network for digital survey-based research, using Cint’s market-leading Buyer API. This integration gave internal tool users instant programmatic access to research participants and the ability to launch projects within seconds, while easily reviewing costs in real-time. With Cint, the data collection and fieldwork process is now automated within the tool, making conducting research projects fast, simple and hassle-free.


Cint Buyer API



Through Cint, the internet technology company’s researchers can now tap into more than 155 million global consumers across over 130 countries and access the sample needed for any survey study. Cint’s ready-to-go solution, based on decades of experience with API integrations, quickly passed through complex internal approval processes. The team testing the solution saw the benefits immediately, as they were able to quickly launch surveys, reach global audiences, and complete projects on time.

Just a few specific benefits that the Cint Buyer API solution has provided include:

  • Instant access to permissioned global audiences: Not only do company researchers now have access to the world’s largest sample exchange, but Cint’s granular respondent consent engine also provides built-in compliance with the most stringent data privacy requirements, regulations and policies across global markets.
  • Time and cost savings: Researchers say it has been a “game-changer” to get data back within 24-hours, no longer having to wait months for survey results. Efficiencies surrounding identifying and recruiting research respondents have reduced expenses across the board.
  • Ease-of-use: Even new users can easily and successfully launch a survey, allowing data-informed decision making across departments and company functions.
  • Fast cost estimates: Researchers use Cint’s built-in functionality for estimating accurate costs for any study instantly, giving them the confidence to launch a survey within approved budgets without long wait times.
Success snapshot


In less than seven months:

  • Approximately 600+ surveys have been launched with Cint by 147 researchers
  • A total of 226,874 participants have taken surveys across 23 countries
  • Made a total spend via the system of more than $800,000 (averaging $3.53 CPI)






"I was first tasked with making remote research easier in mid-2020. We had identified Cint as a part of the solution and had built most of our internal tool by the time COVID hit and we all started working from home. Our tool plus Cint was truly a perfect product for helping researchers do remote research from home. We got overwhelming positive responses from researchers across the company, calling it ‘invaluable’ and ‘fast and easy’ and ‘truly pushes our research practice within our company forward.’

Integrating with Cint’s Buyer API solved the problem of finding participants, allowing us to spend more time on developing a usable interface for our User Researchers and creating a streamlined chargeback process. As a result, we were able to launch the tool (and give researchers new capabilities) within a matter of months rather than a matter of years."

UX Engineer