Whitepaper: Transforming data collection without paralysing your insights business

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Critical considerations for successful insights automation.


All too often, as insights companies strive to gain business process efficiencies by automating time-consuming manual tasks, they lose sight of the big picture. Many lack a full understanding of the complexities and challenges surrounding automation, especially when it comes to the data collection process. 

Trying to solve these challenges themselves can cost colossal amounts of time, resources, and money. Not only does this path take the focus away from the company's core business of delivering valuable insights to its customers, but it also paralyses the company’s ability to effectively compete. Innovation dies under a mushroom of unnecessary technical debt. 

In this white paper: 

  • Understand the complex landscape around market research data collection and sample supply chain automation.  
  • Examine how the need for standardisation rapidly increases the complexity layers and leads to large scale technical and human resource complications. 
  • Uncover best practices for deploying a scalable and future-proof automated data collection solution that will drive innovation.  
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Whitepaper written by:

Greg Dunbar - Cint


Greg Dunbar 
EVP, Enterprise Solutions, Cint

Greg has over 20 years experience in media and technology spanning both successful start-up businesses and one of the world’s most recognised media companies. Prior to joining Cint in 2016 Greg spent 7 years on the Advertising Board of Time Inc, and was most recently EVP Global Sales for CloudSense, an Enterprise SaaS vendor and Salesforce.com consulting partner.