Bringing mobile scale to market research with a programmatic approach. The result? Exponential growth.

The Challenge


The team at TapResearch had a big idea: they realized no one had cracked the nut as to how to bring mobile scale to market research. They knew mobile devices were the best way to reach target audiences in a world where people pick up their phones an average of 58 times per day. However, in the traditional market research ecosystem, desktop panels are not built with a mobile-first mindset. TapResearch set out to change this reality.

To reach their goals, they were faced with the all-too-common “chicken and egg” conundrum. TapResearch needed valuable surveys before users, but high numbers of users were needed in order get surveys. To solve this “Catch-22 situation”, TapResearch sought as many high-performing survey opportunities as possible. Without surveys for consumers to take, there was no value proposition for an app to integrate users.

In order to obtain those vital surveys, the company needed to show a high number of app users on an international level.



How could they achieve this two-pronged goal? TapResearch needed a partner that could provide them with a programmatic interface to reach the inventory needed for their respondents.


Tap Research Case Study by Cint - Briding mobile scale for market research worldwide


The Cint Solution


Cint's Supplier API, enabled TapResearch to access surveys that helped improve their proposition to respondents and publishers. TapResearch used Cint’s interface to source individual projects along with their targets, providing survey opportunities to their respondents in a short amount of time. Through Cint’s Data-Feed API, TapResearch was able to access Cint surveys so that users could complete those surveys within the app they are using.

TapResearch optimized the user experience by providing a reliable experience in which users earn a reward every time they complete a survey and uses a ranking to ensure the targeting remains relevant. TapResearch has been able to accurately profile consumers using gathered data, and then these individuals are matched with the appropriate Cint surveys. This results in a seamless experience and boosts consumer satisfaction rates.

With Cint’s platform, TapResearch experienced seamless integration and made it easy to engage with qualified respondents. Transparency, international reach and access to detailed information made Cint the ideal partner for TapResearch to reach its goals.



 Tap Research Case Study by Cint - Briding mobile scale for market research - 2


The Outcome


TapResearch is one of the fastest growing companies in the market research industry. Since integration with Cint, the company has grown its Audience Network by 600% and revenue by 1500%.

Cint has continued to supply valuable inventory throughout the period of TapResearch’s impressive growth, proving to be a strong and reliable partner. Thanks to this successful partnership, TapResearch now reaches 15 million sessions and 5 million respondents every month and is looking to grow its supply network by doubling its size over the course of the next 12 months.

TapResearch’s international ambitions are also significant, estimating to expand from 23 markets to 50. Cint will continue to offer its knowledge and capabilities, leveraging its technology platform in order to further integrate and allow TapResearch to win larger customers within the market research industry.




Success Snapshot


  • Deliver higher quality, value and faster customer insights
  • Supply network growth of 600%
  • Overall revenue increase of 1500%
  • TapResearch reaches international target audiences using Cint’s International Survey Inventory
  • Optimised user experience
  • More than 100% company growth estimated (23 to 50 markets)






“Cint was able to scale with us as we went from a brand-new company to 15 million sessions every month. Our goal now is to continue growing our mobile supply network and double its size over the next 12 months. We believe that there’s a huge opportunity to grow this much with Cint as the adoption of programmatic sampling technology accelerates across the market research landscape.”

Aaron Platshon, CEO & Co-Founder, TapResearch




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