EPIC Conjoint digitises its approach with Cint’s Buyer API, boosting speed and efficiency for clients.

The Challenge


EPIC Conjoint has a big mission: to demystify and democratise conjoint analysis. This type of analysis helps market researchers understand customer preferences by measuring how they value specific attributes of an individual product or service. EPIC Conjoint wants this valuable form of customer research to be easily available and accessible so business users everywhere can benefit from it.

With consumer behaviour pivoting in what can seem like an instant, brands need to quickly understand the growing disparity between what people think and what they actually do when it comes to purchase activity. Conjoint analysis can bridge the gap between customer perception and reality, providing the data needed to underpin managerial decision making.

Already EPIC Conjoint offered a digitised approach for clients, with vast improvements over the traditional process for conducting a conjoint survey. Even so, delivery was proving time-consuming and was draining internal resources with built-in process inefficiencies.



Partnering with market research technology company, Cint, was the best solution for EPIC Conjoint to quickly deliver the actionable insights brands now regularly require in order to remain relevant to customers.


EPIC Conjoint uses Cint Buyer API for operational efficiency


The Cint Solution


EPIC Conjoint tapped into the power of Cint’s Buyer API in order to achieve its vision to be a one-stop-shop solution for conjoint analysis. Cint’s buyer-side integrations help companies fully automate every step of the data collection and fieldwork process, while programmatically accessing thousands of data providers within a single interface.

With this partnership in place, EPIC Conjoint is now able to offer a fully automated, user-friendly, cloud based conjoint solution that empowers marketers to conduct conjoint analysis quickly and easily as soon as the business need arises. By digitally transforming the process from survey design, to survey distribution to target sample, to displaying results in concise and intuitive formats for quick and accurate interpretation, EPIC has made huge strides toward achieving its mission.

To create a seamless process for EPIC’s clients, Cint’s flexible market research technology has enabled a zero-touch end-to-end solution for booking, delivery, analysis to invoicing. This increases efficiencies and speed across the board, even delivering insights to clients in as little as one day.



 EPIC Conjoint uses Cint Buyer API for operational efficiency - 1


The Outcome


EPIC clients can now get the results they need at a speed that is keeping up with customers that are changing on what seems like a daily basis. Through the Cint Buyer API, EPIC clients can now book projects directly through the platform and launch projects without external input. Clients love the control that this gives them, all with an intuitive and flexible solution that delivers faster customer responses and results.



Success Snapshot


Cint enabled EPIC Conjoint to:

CINT202027 Graphic Pie Chart EPIC Conjoint-01


Deliver 95% of projects are now “zero touch.” Clients can design conjoint surveys within an hour and distribute them to any market, worth calling a market, in the world…all within a couple of clicks using Cint API  



CINT202027 Graphic Pie Chart EPIC Conjoint-05


Increase in delivery and project turnaround speed: Fieldwork duration has been reduced from 2-3 weeks to 1-2 days. 




CINT202027 Graphic Pie Chart EPIC Conjoint-03


Deliver 90% boost in operational efficiency: Valuable time has been freed up in order to recruit new clients and cross-sell/up-sell to existing clients







“Cint’s extensive offerings for the insights space, and their professional, knowledgeable and extremely responsive customer success team, are absolutely critical to EPIC Conjoint’s success. We simply could not offer a rapid conjoint analysis service to clients without Cint’s Buyer API."

Matt Johnston, CEO, EPIC Conjoint