The Cint platform makes consumer research across four key markets efficient, delivering robust insights to guide new wine naming strategy.



Global strategic research and insights agency, Forward Insight and Strategy, helps its food & beverage and primary sector clients understand markets to build brand and innovation strategies. Forward conducts multi-modal research projects that bring in the customer, consumer, and shopper voices to help identify future opportunities for value and demand growth.

Villa Maria Winery in New Zealand turned to Forward to help them understand audience preferences when it came to presenting its new line of sustainable and organically grown wines. The winery was keen to identify the best name for the new wines and to uncover a naming strategy that would resonate with consumers and convey the ethos of the new line, while also elevating purchase intent.

Forward needed a way to connect with the right consumers around the world in order to investigate and identify which name had the best fit with the organic proposition and pack design. The research specifically needed to measure the purchase intent associated with each name, create understanding around which name carried a premium perception, and identify the standout value of each name. In addition, the overall "like or dislike” of each name was looked at in isolation.

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The Cint Solution


Forward tapped into the power of Access Pro by Cint to take control of the project and find the audience it needed through Cint’s Insight Exchange, spanning 155 million consumers in 130 countries. From this deep pool of respondents, the team was easily able to target desired research respondents in the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia for the project. These were key markets that had been identified for Villa Maria consumer feedback, and Cint was able to deliver because of its massive scale and deeply profiled audience.

Access Pro by Cint

The Outcome


In the end, Villa Maria Winery was able to use the insights Forward uncovered by using Cint technology and make a data-informed decision on the optimal name for its new line of sustainably grown, organic wines.

Specifically, Forward was able to identify key metrics for Villa Maria, including:

  • Consumer purchase intent based on names provided for consideration;
  • Which names conveyed the premium perception desired for the new line of wines; and
  • How specific naming aligned with desired brand and category values.

Success snapshot


Cint gave Forward the ability to efficiently and effectively carry out Villa Maria’s critical market research project by providing:

  • Centralized control: Using the single interface of Access Pro by Cint, Forward was able to take control of the sample and fieldwork operations. By eliminating manual, email-based bidding processes and the use of multiple applications for sample sourcing, project management, and invoicing, processes were streamlined across the board.

  • Increased data quality: Cint's commitment to quality provides a comprehensive approach, including diagnostic performance measurements and methods for improvement. By running sample supply through the Cint platform, Forward automatically harnessed Cint’s market-leading, AI-based fraud detection tools and quality measures for its project.

  • Fast fieldwork and delivery: With Cint, Forward was able to realize significant time savings on this time-sensitive project by eliminating manual tasks associated with commissioning, fulfillment, and more.




"With Cint’s consultative approach, global coverage and ability to deliver upon key consumer targeting, Forward was able to deliver the Villa Maria project insights within the given budget and timeline. Cint also provided a deep and statistically valid representation of consumers within each of the chosen key markets.”

Carlo Magni, Global Consumer Insights Director,
Forward Insights and Strategy

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