How deep audience profiling and lightning quick access to consumer insights solidified a lucrative nationwide advertising programme.



Connections by The Specialist Works creates big opportunities for its brand and retailer clients, including managing customer strategies for targeted advertising inserts in eCommerce packages. One category which performs extremely well in this arena is wine clubs, but when Connections was working with Naked Wines for a specific eCommerce placement, it ran into a challenge.

Naked Wines wanted its promotional offers to be included in the packages of a successful, established retail brand loved by parents of young children in the United States. Founded more than 100 years ago, the retail brand had never run campaigns for wine clubs in its packages and were understandably unsure of the potential reaction of its customers. Its leadership believed that this type of insert might not be a good product association for the brand, and could possibly even give a negative impression. Connections wanted to convince them that this would not be the case. 




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The Cint Solution


Connections turned to Cint to help gather critical insights on the audience in question, targeting parents with young children. Together, the partners were able to identify appropriate respondents very quickly using Cint’s platform, leveraging the platform's 300+ deep profiling questions to hone in on the right audience. The team then worked with Cint’s customer success experts to develop two targeted surveys to uncover behaviours and sentiment surrounding package inserts and alcohol advertising in particular. The survey results clearly illustrated that the audience was fine with receiving alcohol-related advertisements and that many would even welcome it.

In just 36 hours, Connections was able to use the platform’s deep profiling options to find the right representative audience, launch the questionnaires, collect relevant data and report on the resulting insights. The quick turnaround was crucial if Naked Wines was to get a campaign live for the important Christmas and holiday season. The team was able to show hard evidence that the advertising inserts would not be the problem that the retail brand perceived.



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The Results


Using the data collected, Connections was able to turn the situation around at the retail brand's C-level and prove that the parents who were part of the brand's audience would not be upset or offended by alcohol ads. The results illustrated by the data were clear: the vast majority of respondents were amenable to the possibility of wine offers in their packages. This turned a hard “no” from the retail brand into a lucrative programme which, in just four months, received no customer complaints and realised millions of dollars in revenue.

Taking an agile approach to insights, and using a platform that can quickly identify respondents and launch projects, can make all the difference. For Connections, Naked Wines and the retail brand's eCommerce packages, it meant a massive, and lucrative, national business deal that would have otherwise been unrealised.




Success Snapshot or Stats


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Set up, launch and gain access to insights all within 36 hours

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Extremely high response rate (92%) from target respondents  (even split among parents of 0-2 year-olds and parents of 3-5 year-olds)

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Highly engaged respondents resulted in reaching the target number of completes in just two days of fieldwork







“This project was a clear illustration of how fast, quality insights can influence critical business decisions. The data we uncovered with Cint provided the hard evidence we needed to convince the client to move forward, and the stellar final results speak for themselves. We couldn't have reached the right audiences as quickly and efficiently as necessary without Cint's teamwork and technology. 

Richard Downey, Global New Business Director,
Connections by The Specialist Works




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