Automating manual tasks allows Bizrate project managers more time to focus on strategy and analysis for customers.

The Challenge


Bizrate Insights has been gathering online insights and customer feedback for more than 20 years. Bizrate Rewards is its proprietary consumer panel, which helps to power important business decisions for the company’s clients. Bizrate offers members of the panel the opportunity to share opinions on topics and major brands in return for points which can be turned into eGift cards at dozens of stores and restaurants across the United States.

The team at Bizrate Rewards had a problem. Everything was manual: From creating sample audiences to creating survey templates, all the way to adding incentives and sample filtering. Every client project would take Bizrate Rewards program managers a significant amount of time just to start and manage a job.

Before working with Cint, Bizrate Rewards was manually running almost every aspect of its surveying and sampling. Program managers would use a template and send invites to a list of respondent IDs; they had no dashboard and no interface for easy management of the survey once it was in the field. A significant amount of time was spent by program managers in setting up projects. This took vital time away from account management and client communications, plus lengthened the time it took to get data to clients.

What’s more, using this approach meant that, if a program manager encountered an issue, there was no support available to assist them.



The Cint Solution


Integrating with Access Pro by Cint radically changed the way Bizrate Rewards' program managers connect members to surveys, speeding up the process significantly.

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They now use the power of the Cint platform to set up and launch a survey in minutes rather than hours. Program managers can easily select segmented audiences based on specific demographics, or select individuals from within their custom panels to create sample target groups. They also use Cint’s Optimizer feature to provide panellists additional opportunities to complete surveys, which uses their profile data to better route and match individuals to new studies.

Working with Cint has allowed Bizrate Reward managers more time to examine survey specifications, strategize on how to send invites and what to filter, and communicate with clients in more detail. With Cint’s platform doing the heavy lifting, they can use the extra time to really understand the issues surrounding each project and provide clients with specific feedback. This has improved Bizrate Rewards client relationships immensely.

Cint's solution also has taken Bizrate Rewards from an entirely manual system to a fully integrated seamless interface that allows program managers to better understand in-field surveys and activities, improving their ability to react and act in near real time. Bizrate Rewards now has access to 24-hour support from Cint, something that was previously lacking.





The Outcome


Cint's platform revolutionized the way Bizrate Rewards delivers surveys to respondents. The automated service and accompanying dashboards mean radical time savings for the panel managers and significantly improved customer service. The Bizrate Rewards team can now spend more time on the key value proposition they bring to clients: strategy and analysis. What's more, 24-hour access to account managers at Cint means managers have expert support at their fingertips to streamline projects.




Success Snapshot


  • Time savings: Facilitates the launch of projects in minutes rather than hours by replacing complex manual steps with automated processes

  • Renewed focus on company goals: Frees up project managers to focus on strategy, analysis, and real-time, proactive customer service

  • Access to 24-hour customer support: Provides additional layer of expertise from Cint, anytime and anywhere, to help streamline every project







“Our business depends on speed and reliability. Cint has helped us succeed on both fronts. They have become our trusted partner and their tools have allowed us to connect with our panelists more efficiently and effectively. We now hear our panelists’ voices and gather their insights without the many headaches of manual panel management. Working with Cint has allowed us to focus on empowering our clients and helping them succeed with the most reliable voice of consumer data available.”

Jeff Watson, Director of Panel