Cint’s automated sampling and field operations deliver accelerated value, quality and speed to Zappi customers

The Challenge


Zappi’s powerful insights platform helps global brands test and learn more to launch better advertising and innovations. Zappi leverages automation to deliver insights faster, better and more cost-effectively than traditional research providers. 

With a technology-first approach to market research,  Zappi was already a leading innovator in the use of automation. But customer demands continued to rise for “faster, better, cheaper,” with better coverage and the ability to reach more and more complex audiences. The company knew it needed to take some big steps toward improving sampling efficiency and speed of delivery.

As it stood, Zappi was operating with APIs from selected  sample vendors, plus a compilation of other vendors with products that involved manual sample sourcing via emails and spreadsheets. This made full end-to-end automation next to impossible as the manual sample sourcing process was hindering its overall offering. This method also wasted precious time and resources and taking attention off the company’s core focus: delivering insights to customers by automating the world of market research.

Zappi knew that the best way to speed things up was to remove as many manual steps from the process as possible. And they needed to make this pivot quickly.



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The Cint Solution


Zappi turned to Cint, a company with a shared vision of using technology to drive the digital transformation of the market research industry. The complementary nature of the two companies’ technologies quickly became apparent with seamless and fast execution of the strategic solution.

So how did the solution work? Zappi used Cint’s Buyer API to integrate the Cint Platform directly with the Zappi platform. This meant email and spreadsheet-based sample sourcing was instantly streamlined and automated for the Zappi platform. It also meant that Zappi gained quick access to Cint’s Insight Exchange with an audience of 100 million panellists in more than 150 countries.

The fully automated solution allows precise targeting and instant decision making, taking time-consuming manual steps out of the equation. Zappi is now able to access highly engaged, quality respondents via Cint programmatically. Building efficiencies into the process from the ground up means that Zappi’s clients reach insights faster, so they can turn it into real-time action. 

A shared commitment to using technology to disrupt the status quo served this project wellThe two teams were able to build a fully functioning solution from the ground up, with full integration, within weeks. This speedy execution helped to illustrate the power that this technology-based partnership will have in the industry as a whole 



The Outcome


Zappi can now build new products using Cint’s technology backbone, allowing them to fulfil the promise of value, quality and speed. The nature of the strategic collaboration allows for exponential growth, with a flexible, scalable solution that will continue to impact market research innovation in the future.

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In addition, now Zappi also has the ability to build a Private Marketplace within the Cint platform, which will enable them to expand their audience reach even further with very minimum limitations.



Success Snapshot


Through Cint, Zappi was able to: 

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Run more than 85% of their projects Cint projects via the new Buyer API, as opposed to manually via Access Pro 



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Close 97% of the projects running through the new integration automatically with no human intervention



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Deliver an average eight-minute length of interview (LOI) to improve respondent experience 







“The great thing about Cint’s API is how it distinguishes between API-based work that can run more or less fully automated, and work that needs to be handled by a project management team. Having a strict delineation between the two allows us to drive our business increasingly towards fully automated fulfilment.

Cint were great to work with during the integration phase of the project. They were there for the long run, working with us on hardening the API integration as we uncovered and fixed edge cases. The outcome is a high level of automation, a reliable API integration, and peace of mind for Zappi."

Callum Liddle, Product Manager, Zappi



Cint powers Zappi for Automation