Even as third-party cookies phase out, Zappi can still reach the right respondents with Cint’s platform

The Challenge


Leading market research technology company, Zappi, has built an ad and innovation testing platform for brands to conduct consumer testing through all stages of advertising. Zappi Ad Pulse is the company’s brand and digital ad measurement tool, which specifically helps marketers and ad professionals determine advertising campaign effectiveness of a campaign.

The tool allows users to optimize in-flight against brand metrics that can be used to glean creative, audience, placement and site-level insights from the campaign to deliver actionable and relevant campaign measurement. As part of the offering, Zappi Ad Pulse seeks to identify consumers who are exposed to an advertisement, website or other online content and then provide online surveys for both exposed and unexposed (control) respondents.

Like many others in the Adtech or Martech industries, Zappi is facing new challenges due to Google and other large technology companies phasing out third-party cookies. Even without cookies, which track a user’s activity online, Zappi Ad Pulse must still find and retarget those respondents. The company needed a creative, new approach in order to continue providing actionable insights for its clients.



Cint powers Ad Pulse Case Study - Market Research Technology


The Cint Solution


Zappi already uses Cint’s powerful sample automation technology to transform its business, so it looked to leverage this partnership again in order to power Zappi Ad Pulse. The company tapped into Connect by Cint, which was purpose-built to connect digital interactions with real-time surveying. This ad tracking technology allows Zappi Ad Pulse to accomplish its goal of exploring audience segments in-depth and boosting advertising effectiveness.

Connect by Cint uses two different approaches to identifying respondents in this environment.

  • First-party cookie and tracking pixel identifies participants (who have provided explicit consent from its Insight Exchange – the world’s largest sample ecosystem) - that have been exposed to an online ad website, or other online content. The Cint Connect tracking pixel is inserted into an online ad, website, or other online content and "fired" when a user views that online ad, website, or other online content.
  • Cookieless tracking uses a pixel which appends a Device ID such as a mobile advertising ID (in-app) or an IP address (OTT/CTV/browser) to reach relevant consumers who have been exposed. Again, drawing from its supply, Cint identifies a match and recontacts individuals market research survey using respondent-provided, first-party demographic data. For example, this method can be easily applied in a connected TV or OTT environment to track advertising effectiveness.

In both of these efficient manners, Cint provides respondents for online surveys, while Zappi hosts the survey and processes the collected data. Clients easily access results and reporting via Zappi’s consumer insights platform.



The Outcome


Cint has deeply profiled respondents with several key metrics, such as the time and location at which the consumer was exposed to the online content. Other data points include detailed identifiable information on campaign, agency, channel, event and other key parameters. These data points are then matched with basic demographic profiling data in Cint’s Insight Exchange, the world's largest sample exchange.

Connect by Cint

This approach has resulted in Zappi’s ability to provide its clients with insights based on demographic data (age, gender, region), query string parameters (creative, placement, site, line item of the campaign) and attitudinal data (such as affinity towards a brand).

Connect by Cint allows companies like Zappi to tap into important ad effectiveness testing and data with a solution that doesn’t rely on cookies. These core capabilities power Zappi Ad Pulse.



Success Snapshot


Through Cint, Zappi was able to: 

CINT202034 Graphic Pie Chart Neon Case Study-07-07


Instantly reach over 100 Million registered consumer profiles to match against audiences exposed to advertisements, websites or any online content, and deploy on-the-fly surveys to measure campaign effectiveness. 



CINT202034 Graphic Pie Chart Neon Case Study-05 

Match digital content against audiences across 150+ countries around the world for campaign effectiveness measurement. 


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In Cint, Zappi has the perfect partner to power its digital ad measurement solution, Zappi Ad Pulse. Cint's technology and scale has enabled us to run cross media ad measurement across a number of digital platforms including CTV/OTT, In-app and browser media in a fully automated, frictionless and cost-effective manner. Not only this, but Cint is future proofing its data collection to ensure we can operate in a cookie-less world. 

Ernie Collings, Vice President, Ad and Brand Measurement, Zappi



Cint powers Zappi for Automation